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mystery author sandy semerad pictureWelcome to my blog. I invite you to participate. I have worked as a newspaper reporter, editor and broadcaster and I’ve written three  novels: My first novel Mardi Gravestone has been renamed and republished as “Sex, Love & Murder,” to reflect the steamy content. My second novel Hurricane House has a new cover and publisher as well. It’s set in a Florida fishing village with a murderer at large. Midwest book Review gave Hurricane House five stars and Romantic Times gave it four-and-a half-stars. My new novel, Message is the Roses is now available. It’s a romantic thriller, loosely based on a crime and murder trial I covered as a newspaper reporter in Atlanta. “A Message in the Roses is both lovely and exciting, a nail biter to the quick. Yet warms the heart and steams up the room.” ~ Dave Straub, former CNN anchor, White House reporter/Presidential Advisor:

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  1. hi. i’d love to start a dialogue with you. as you know i’ve written a crime novel – ‘The Lesson Plan,’ (you’ve endorsed it!) i’m going to get one of your books and read it on my xmas break. i’m currently writing a screenplay for ‘the lesson plan,’ since i live in los angeles i figure it’s the only game in town. i also have another crime novel that i’m finishing up soon, hopefully.
    tell me more about yourself.

    • Hi Jerry, Good luck with you novel and screenplay. I am trying to finish up my latest book, tenatively called “A Message in the Roses,” and then I will be looking for an agent. If you could recommend a good one, let me know. I hope to finish this book before the end of the year. It’s loosely based on a murder trial I covered as a reporter in Atlanta, but the main characters and the romance elements in the book are fiction. Thank you for getting one of my books. My last mystery was Hurricane House and I’m happy to say it has received great reviews so far. Romantic Times gave it 4.5 stars and Midwest Book Review gave it 5 stars. The new publisher of my first mystery Mardi Gravestone, has been changed the name to Sex, Love & Murder. It was first published in 2004.

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